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Crime Confidential

20 minutes
English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

CRIME CONFIDENTIA is a high standard short version of Oscar Winning film ‘The Departed’ and ‘John Wick’,

That are moments of incredible tension, action, drama, weakness, horror, 

sadness, and thorough it all a multi layered and brilliant story. 

I could easily say it is one of the best remakes of all time for short film, 

And there's not a boring moment. At the heart of this film is character development. 

You will really feel for the characters. You will feel like you know them in the end...

This is one of the most entertaining and suspenseful solid crime drama.



Screenings / Awards: 

Los Angeles International Independent Film Awards Gold Winner 2016
Los Angeles World International Film Festival Award Winner 2016
Cinema Los Angeles Film Festival Innovation Overall Grand Jury Award 2016
Switzerland Eurocinema Film Festival Best International film 2016
Italy Malta International Film Awards Best Experimental Short Film Award 2016
Italy Eurovision Palermo Film Festival Best Editor Julian Lim 2016
London- Cinematic London Film Festival Best Short Audience Award 2016
New York UASE International Action Film Festival Nominee Best Featuring Short 2016
London Uk MonthlyFilm Festival Official Selection 2016
Singapore World International Film Festival  Pre-Selection 2016
New York Film & TV Festival Semi-Finalist 2016
Russia Salaire International Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist 2016  
Hong Kong World International Film festival Pre-Selection 2016
New York Cinema New York City Finalist Grand Jury Award 2016
USA- IndustryBOOST Competition Official Selection 2016
Italy Roma CinemaDOC Official Selection 2016
Belgium Moving Picture Festival Official Selection 2016
Hollywood Screenings Film Festival 2016 Semi-Finalist 2016  

Belgium- Catharsis International Film Festival Official Selection 2016


Belarus-Short Movie Club Film Festival Official Selection 2016
Directed by: 
Julian Lim
Writing credits: 
Writer: Julian Lim Co-writer: M.Qihbad
André Oliveira John FabryKey Valérie Elewaut Emilio H. Murrieta Giel Janssen Kim BronsKe Davide D'urbano Rene StoelenKey Rick van Elk Qihbad Muhammad Deciree Chang Erman Alexandra Ipekdjian Kevin Rojas Veliz Felix Deramay Mariana Gosjan
Produced by: 
Julian Lim M.Qihbad
Music by: 
Julian Lim
Cinematography by: 
Julian Lim Roel Elsen
Film Editing by: 
Julian Lim Assistant editor: Julia van der Hoeven
Casting by: 
Julian Lim
Production Design by: 
Julian Lim
Art Direction by: 
Arno Coosemans
Set Decoration by: 
Arno Coosemans
Costume Design by: 
Makeup Department: 
Silke de Block
Production Management: 
Julian Lim M.Qihbad
Release Date: 
Friday, September 9, 2016
Total votes: 1714

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