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1-hour TV drama pilot.


A widowed scientist develops human clones for a rogue company, which knows what happened to the man whose duplicated face he confronts every morning in his mirror.


HILL, whose children are also clones, produces clones for dubious customers while his boss, GARSON, urgently needs a working clone to deal with his illness. CAYENNE, Garson’s second, gets the clone’s material from a hospital in the form of newborns.

Hill works with the help of MOTHER, a computer that controls Hill’s labs and the cloning procedures. Hill and Mother clone three newborns from which one dies on the first day, ignoring Cayenne, who has problems with fresh supplies of newborns because the nurse who works for her wants to quit. The second clone also dies in his breeding chamber, and Garson forces Mother to reveal to him how Hill succeeded for his cloned children to survive more than two days, unaware that Hill finished a clone of his wife EDYTH, who died in an accident.

The last of three clones is a success and ready for his mission, which ends in its death in front of live cameras. One of Garson’s clones returns to life and burns the lab and a customer’s original wife. Back at home, Edyth confronts Hill with the reality; Hill is also a clone.

Written by: Zvonko Leskovar,

Information for the Audience: 

Writer: Zvonko Leskovar

Directed by: Lance Kawas

Directed by: 
Lance Kawas
Writing credits: 
Zvonko Leskovar
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