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Cielo de Concreto ( Concrete sky)


A very personal vision of the concept of purgatory with nods and references to 1980's pop and videogames cultures as well as slasher films. My main goal was to explore themes of agression and personal turmoil with a distinct playful aesthetic approach.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

CIelo de Concreto ( Concrete Sky)

A film By Javier Gonzalez(, 

Sabrina Marengo and Manny Sandhu

Runtime 5 mins 34 secs

Genre: Animation ( 3d CG)

Synopsis: A very personal version of purgatory with references to videogames culture and retro aesthetics: The story follows a wooden man that wakes up suddenly in an unfamiliar place and has to find a way out. Along the way he finds the Tree God and the Ragdoll and Antics ensue from there on.

Directed by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Writing credits: 
Javier Gonzalez
Produced by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Music by: 
Epidemic sound
Cinematography by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Film Editing by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Production Design by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Art Direction by: 
Javier Gonzalez
Production Management: 
Javier Gonzalez
Other crew: 
Sabrina Marengo: 2d Animation Effects. Manny Sandhu, Support modeller.
Release Date: 
Monday, May 1, 2017
Total votes: 1115

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