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"In the midst of the Maoist revolution, Ram, a guerrilla fighter, returns home to celebrate the festival of Dashain, only to realise that if he is to feed his family and send his daughter to school, he must sell Chyanti, the family goat, so beloved by his daughter, Sani."


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 


Inspired by true events Chyanti is the latest short film from director Veemsen Lama, written by Sampada Malla, telling the poignant story of a little girl and her beloved family goat in the midst of the maoist revolution in Nepal. 


At the end of March, our highly enthusiastic film crew flew out to Nepal to work tirelessly on completing the filming of Chyanti but shooting so high up in the Himalayas proved to be an almost Herculean task. The entire cast and crew faced an endless list of challenges each and every day including a serious lack of oxygen, seemingly endless rain, no phone signal, no wifi and for much of the time, no power. 


However, the most serious challenge we faced was crew getting ill just days before shooting as well as during the shoot. Thankfully everyone survived and the film was completed on time. 


In short, Chyanti has been, without a doubt, the single most demanding, the most challenging and by far the most adventurous project for everyone involved!

Directed by: 
Veemsen Lama
Writing credits: 
Sampada Malla
Shyam Khadka Babita Tamang Sangita Tamang Kaushal Pandit
Produced by: 
Ashok Yadav Tom Cullingham
Music by: 
Ben Windwood
Cinematography by: 
Arran Green
Film Editing by: 
Ujwal Dhakal Eriks Mickevics
Production Design by: 
Bimba Adhikari
Production Management: 
Kaushal Pandit
Release Date: 
Thursday, April 13, 2017
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