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The Chronology Protection Case


What do a series of accidental deaths and one murder have in common? All the victims were working on a time-travel project, which they - not the government - were determined to keep secret. Dr. Phil D'Amato, a forensic detective with an interest in quantum physics, gets involved when the wife of one of the victims calls him. She soon dies, and D'Amato soon realizes that he may be next and his primary suspect is Universe itself .... This 2002 low-budget short film by Jay Kensinger adapted from Paul Levinson's 1995 novelette, 'The Chronology Protection Case,' first published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jay Kensinger
Writers: Jay Kensinger
Producers: Jay Kensinger
Key cast: Jay Kensinger,Kaite McGrew,Evan Hunt,Breann Beal,Mark Jordan

Total votes: 623

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