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An older man journeys from his bedroom to his favorite chair to take a nap.

Information for the Audience: 

Carmine is a film I made in 2015 as a class assignment, with a goal of making a film as stripped down as possible.  The result was this observation of my then 89 year old grandfather going to take a nap.  The film took on new meaning for me early this year when he passed away and now serves as a personal memento which will forever keep him alive.

Directed by: 
Patrick DeVita-Dillon
Writing credits: 
Patrick DeVita-Dillon
Carmine DeVita Ida DeVita George Frey
Produced by: 
Patrick DeVita-Dillon
Cinematography by: 
Patrick DeVita-Dillon
Release Date: 
Thursday, July 14, 2016
Official website:
Total votes: 12206