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A timeless story of love and revenge, drugs and violence.  Breaking free of the past to love and be loved.  Bx3M:  Sometimes love is the endgame...


Things are heating up as Maria, Mona and Michael get ready for their senior year at James Monroe High School in the Bronx. Graduation is a no-brainer for Maria, a natural-born nerd. Mona, her best friend, wants to go to Cooper Union and that spells trouble for the aspiring photographer. Michael, Maria's boyfriend, is flunking out. No matter, Michael is on a mission yet unknown to him--call it destiny or revenge.
Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Judith Escalona

Writers: Judith Escalona

Producers: Izzy Ruiz, Clarisel Gonzalez

Key cast: Jazmin Caratini, Mario Eusebio, Monica Delgado, Jennevee Mireya


“It’s an epic on a city block,” says Judith Escalona, the director and writer of Bx3M. She grew up in the Bronx and knows these characters intimately as friends, neighbors or the subjects of gossip. Genuine experiences inform the lives of Maria, Mona, and Michael, the fictional characters Escalona has created.


Portraying the lives of inner city girls sets this urban drama apart from most films of the genre. These portraits of Latina adolescents are memorably different, yet their struggle is universal. Michael's story, too, draws on the conventions used to represent ghetto life but with unique and unpredictable moments.


Ultimately, this film is about the freedom to love.  Not free love, the sexual revolution of the 60's, but the emotional, unencumbered social freedom to love and be loved.

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