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Burst Theory


At a facility near the shoreline of a remote island, a collection of researchers work diligently on testing an advanced treatment for a deadly virus that threatens to kill 50% of the Earth's population. A shocking viral attack takes the life of a colleague, propelling the lead researcher, Phillip Gladwell, to investigate the integrity of the organization pulling the strings. Through various efforts to acquire confidential information from elusive supervisors, it becomes clear that someone on the island is playing mind games and manipulating records. Phillip spirals further into a fever dream of conspiracy that seems to worsen each move he makes. Motives are put into question and moral limits put to the test in this character-driven, psychological thriller about paranoia being the winding path to violence.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Zac Page
Writers: Zac Page
Producers: Joseph Scott Anthony, Lisa Mueller
Key cast: Ralph Lister, Joseph Scott Anthony, Mark Boyd

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