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Bright Flower and the scars from the stone


Bright Flower is the matriarch of an indigenous family of Guarani-Kaiowá shamans living in the Reserve of Dourados, MS, Brazil. There, deprived of their original way of life, they struggle to survive preserving ancient knowledges and cultural habits, while dealing with the effects and ailments caused by the continuous explosions of an asphalt plant, which has been blasting and exploring a sacred stone in the territory of the village for over 40 years.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This documentary was filmed in October and November 2012, completely independently, as a way to give voice to their history and channels, and to bring these to public knowledge.

Screenings / Awards: 


Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (USA)
VIII Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Cine y Video Documental Independiente "Contra el silencio todas las voces" (Mexico)
Museu da Língua Portuguesa - Virada Cultural 2014 (Brazil)
Manifest-Action Brazil – Amnesty Internacional (England)
Muestra Internacinal de Cine Indígena de Venezuela MICIV (Venezuela)
8a Muestra de Cine y Vídeo Indígena (Chile)
Semana de Cine de los Pueblos Indigenas (Argentina)
Holzmarkt (Berlin, Germany)
Prinzessinnengärten (Berlin, Germany)
LaDIYfest 2014 (Berlin, Germany)
Floß Kino Bootschaft (Berlin, Germany)
Agora Collective (Berlin, Germany)
FestCineAmazonia (Brazil)
Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico – october 2014)
XII Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre 2014 (Mexico)
CineCipó Festival – Popular Jury Award : Best movie of the day(Brazil - October 2014)
Manifest-Action Brazil on Tour – Centro Once (Vienna, Austria – october 2014)
Elevate Festival (GRAZ, Austria – october 2014)
Manifest-Action Brazil on Tour - Volkhaus supported by Amnesty International CH (Zurich, Switzerland – october 2014)
Real Film Festival (Australia)
Festival Internacional de Cine y Vídeo Indígena FICVI 2014 – Best movie in the category: Indigenous Autonomy (Mexico)
Festival Pachamama - Cinema de Fronteira ¬– Community Cine Award Stefan Kaspar (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru)
Festival de Cine La Imagen de los Pueblos (Ecuador)
Festival Internacional de Cine y Vídeo Mapuche y del Abya Ayla – Fantepu (Chile)
FIM - Festival Imagem-Movimento (Brazil)
Fest Cine Video America do Sul – Press Award (2014, Brazil)


Resistência Indígena no Brasil - Renovar A Mouraria (Lisboa, Portugal)
IV Mostra Pajé de Filmes Indígenas (Brazil)
Mostra Audiovisual UFGD (Brazil)
9o Festival de Cine de los Derechos Humanos (Chile)
Vídeo Índio Brasil (Brazil)
9a Muestra de Cine Polo Sur Latino Americano (Chile)
I Mostra Agosto Indígena no Cine Olido (Brazil)
12º Festival América do Sul Pantanal (Brazil)
Semana dos Povos Originários / PUC-RS (Brazil)
Primavera dos Museus 2015 - Museu do Xingu (Brazil)
Festival internacional Independiente de Neuquén - Fecineu (Argentina)
La Macchina Sognante (Italy)
Universal Film Festival (USA)
8 Festival Ojo Sancocho (Colombia)
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival – KLEFF (Malaysia)
Cinedocumenta - 11ª Mostra de Cinema Documentário de Ipatinga (Brazil)
Festival Mbaraeté - Resistência dos Povos da Terra (Brazil)
Festival de Cinema de Ivinhema (Brazil)
I Mostra Indígena de Filmes Etnográficos do Ceará (Brazil)


La macchina sognante, storie di migrazioni e solidarietà al Klapperfeld (Frankfurt, Germany)
Globale FilmFestival Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Festival Internacional de Cine y Vídeo Indígena FICVI 2016 (México)
Cine EKÔ – Ações Afirmativas e Diversidade da UFSC (Brazil)
Festival Protesta (Spain)
Mostra Ela na Tela (Brazil)

Distribution budget: 
Directed by: 
Jade Rainho
Writing credits: 
Jade Rainho
Bright Flower Family
Produced by: 
Jade Rainho, Flavia Helena, Fabi Fernandes
Music by: 
Estela Ceregatti
Cinematography by: 
Jade Rainho
Film Editing by: 
Bruno Carboni, Jade Rainho
Production Management: 
Jade Rainho
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Total votes: 11652