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Brash Young Turks


Set in a stylized and dynamic London, Brash Young Turks follows the interlinking stories of young Londoners dreaming of making it big while wading through oppression, greed and adversity. When troubled teen Mia is plucked from her hellish care home by a gang of charismatic hustlers and go-getters, flashy and fearless, her eyes are opened to a world full of new opportunities and dangers. With dreams of wild success, the group is faced with choices of following secondary careers dominated by big players, or reaching the top of the food chain themselves.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Naeem Mahmood
Writers: Naeem Mahmood, Paul Danquah
Producers: Naeem Mahmood, Ash Mahmood, Charlotte Fletcher, Bernard Kordieh
Key cast: Melissa Latouche, Paul Chiedozie, Tom Bott, Richard Shelton, Julian Glover

Total votes: 1536

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