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Disabled from Zaporizhia came to Lviv to show their charitable performance . They spent there three days , visited a lot of different places and told about their life . 
The parallel story in the film is cooking of family borsch . Borsch is one of the favourite and famous meals in Ukraine .Borsch as our society consists of different components , simple and complicated .The quality and taste of borsch depends on the quality of its components . Sometimes the outlook of the components is not attractive but inside you will find a perfect content . 
Amount of disabled is about 15 percent in the World . Sometimes people look at disabled with fear or disgust , sometimes it is suitable for people not to notice them . But disabled are the components of our society . Will we remain people or not ? It will depends on our attitude to such people . 
While or after the premier of film "Borsch" the director and operator of the film will provide a workshop of cooking of family recipe borsch with the guests of the premier. This will add more attraction to the premiere of film "Borsch". 

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Darina Balabai Was born 20.09.1980 in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Graduated from Kharkiv University English interpretuer faculty. After the graduation worked as selling manager, was a porter and then a cooker at the Barabashovo market in Kharkiv. After in 2015 moved to Lviv and founded a small channel "Lviv4you" on YouTube and 

"Palm.L studio" with husband Sashko Balabai. 
Amator-documentary film maker, volunteer, journalist, photografer, interpreter, artist, director cinematografy, co-founder of Palm.L Studio. Now lives in Lviv, Ukraine.

Screenings / Awards: 

World Fest Houston 2017- Award Winner


movies4movies 2017-Finalist

Caribbean Film Festival & Market 2017-Semi-finalist

Directed by: 
Darina Balabai
Writing credits: 
Darina Balabai
Sashko Balabai
Produced by: 
Palm.L studio
Film Editing by: 
Sashko Balabai
Art Direction by: 
Darina Balabai
Production Management: 
Sashko Balabai
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 14, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 2530

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