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Bluey is a powerful portrayal of an angry young woman trapped in a violent world of inner and outer turmoil. She desperately wants to break out of this cycle, but doesn't know how. Through a young offender's rehabilitation program Bluey meets a mentor. She plunges into the depths of her own self-loathing and despair. Bluey desperately wants to break out of her vicious cycle but doesn’t know how.  

Bluey is a story about courage; the will to change and survive.  


English subtitle: 
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Bluey Premise 


“You cannot love others if you can’t love yourself”.

In the short, I really wanted to make a simple story but one that was emotionally complex and resonant. The subject of an Aboriginal protagonist whose life has mainly been on the streets of Sydney and in correctional institutions who needs to learn a few lessons in life is something that is rarely seen or understood.  


Although a simple story, it’s one that is emotionally complex and layered with a strong message. A young street kid, who can’t control her anger and has a tendency towards violence, desperately wants to break out of this cycle but doesn’t know how. Will Bluey make it? Can she overcome her self-hatred and pain?  


Screenings / Awards: 


The Event Cinema Australian Short Screenplay Award was awarded to Bluey, written and directed by Darlene Johnson 62nd SYDNEY FILM 

MIFF -  Bluey will screen in the AUSTRALIAN SHORTS 

Heart of Gold International Film Festival Oct 2015

2015 Australian ATOM Awards finalist 

Canberra International Film Festival in November.

2016  January, Flickerfest

28th February 2016 Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival

Richmond International Film Festival – March 3rd – 6th 2015



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