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BLOCKBUSTER - A Life in Moving Pictures


This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia. When he is 12 years old his parents decide to move to Vienna. What follows is the discovery of a whole new world, the world of movies. Soon young Vlado’s passion for films results in his own short films. And from the beginning at the back of his mind, the desire to someday make a feature film …


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Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Vlado Priborsky Writers: Vlado Priborsky, Mario Koller, Wolfgang Rauh, Edgar Pfandler Producers: Vlado Priborsky, Mario Koller Key cast: Wolfgang Rauh, Agnes Kammerer, Anatol Rieger, Alexander Pschill, Sabrina Reiter, Manuel Rubey, Thomas Nash, Ursula Strauss, Serge Falck, Thomas Stipsits, Katharian Strasser, Franz Buchrieser, Martina Poel, Michael Steinocher, Manfred Sarközi, Manuel Sefciuc, Manuel Dragan, Simon Alois Huber, Alexandra Koch, Hilde Dalik, Maddalena Noemi Hirschal, Tanja Raunig, Vitus Wieser, Julia Jelinek, Daniela Golpashin, Erol Nowak, Reinhard Nowak

Screenings / Awards: 

WINNER, “Best Drama Feature”, Kiev Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

WINNER, „Best Drama Feature“, North American Film Awards, Canada

WINNER, “Best Feature Film”, Headline International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

WINNER, “Best Life Story Film Award”, Los Angeles World Int. Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

WINNER, “Best Actor Wolfgang Rauh Feature Film International”, Wild Rose Film Festival, USA

WINNER, “Distinctive Achievement Award Best Director Film International” Wild Rose Festival, USA

WINNER, “Distinctive Achievement Award Best Feature Film International” Wild Rose Film Festival, USA

WINNER, “Best Feature Film Fiction International” Västeräs Filmfestival, Västeräs, Sweden

WINNER, “Best Feature Film”, Around International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

WINNER, “Best Teaser/Trailer”, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain

WINNER, “Best Feature 2nd Place”, 12 Months Film Festival, Cluj, Romania

SPECIAL MENTION, Feature Film, I Filmmaker International Film Festival, Malaga, Spain

FINALIST, Feature Film, Cinema New York City, New York, USA Nominated, 6x Categories, The Directors Chair Film Festival, Staten Island, NY, USA

Nominated, Best Feature, OIFF Turin Cinefest 2017, Turin, Italy

Nominated, Best Feature Film No-Budget, Toronto Independent Film Awards, Toronto, Canada

Nominated, Best Narrative Feature Film, Martinique International Film Festival, Martinique

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, Gauteng, South Africa

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Eppfilms Indie Theater, Ohio, Cleveland, USA

Nominated, Best Feature Film, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, London, United Kingdom

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Euro Fest International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Nominated, Best Ensemble Casting, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, Des Moines, USA

Nominated, Best Feature Film, BUZZ International Film Festival, Buzau, Romania

Nominated, Best Feature Film, CAFF Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Unrestricted View Film Festival, London, United Kingdom

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Direct Monthly Film Festival, Michigan, USA

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami, USA

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Fandependent Films, Illinois, USA

Nominated, Best Feature Film, Los Angeles CineFest, Los Angeles, USA

Nominated, Best Drama Feature, Madhouse Movies Festival, USA

Official Selection, Hongkong World International Film Festival, Hongkong

Official Selection, Austrian Film Festival, Vienna, Austria

Official Selection, Gold Diana International Film Festival, Klopeiner See, Austria

Official Selection, The 50th HOF International Film Festival, Hof, German

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Total votes: 1460

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