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Blackout a tale of two pals in a mystifying night. Youth is their primary investment on the betting board of amorous art-culture. An urge for the revelation of two young hoods loveliness. To sum up, inhuman sexual suppression beyond words.
The story moves on with the two young hoods who live in an attic all on their own in absence of love, their happiness known no bound. Perching on the wings of a dream comes the aspiration of turning into a phonics. The call for the surrender before the luminous fire.
One night, during the monotonous narration of their story, comes a total blank. The line is cut. The story cannot keep on. The earth appears to be a complete blackout… the moon drawn out against the undetectable sky, a dismal eagle soaring through the moonlit night. And now, no more tottering, no more neighing. Only the injured, coming back down the earth seems familiar to us.
At the end of the day, does it have a prolific meaning? On the contrary. Coming back to the same stable...


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Tokon Thaakoor
Writers: Tokon Thaakoor
Producers: Tokon Thaakoor, Dhruba Esh, Humayun Kabir
Key cast: Tanvir Hasan, Rahul Ananda, Tina, Sara, Kofil Ahmed, Bappi Ashraf, Barsha Bibhabori, Bimol Baul

Total votes: 1457

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