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The Birth of an Artist


The Birth of an Artist is a short documentary about a disabled Ukrainian girl who despite all the odds lives a life of a prolific artist. Dasha was doomed by the doctors to live a very short life but with the help of her loving family she lives her life to its fullest potential. The poor living conditions and scarce budget of the family make her amazing paintings, full of joy and hope,even more valuable and important for everyday culture where we so often forget how to be joyful and grateful for the life we were given. Dasha is an inspirational genius who reminds us to live to our fullest potential despite all obstacles and uncanny circumstances.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Natasha Babenko
Writers: Natasha Babenko
Producers: Natasha Babenko
Key cast: Dasha Bezkostaya,Elena Bezkostaya

Total votes: 574

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