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In Between


A woman living isolated on an island spends her time by measuring the framed space, the island, with a measuring tape. What lies behind this obsession? What would come out of such a measuring?
“In Between” is a movie in between truth and lie, in between subjective and objective truthfulness, in between reality and delusion, but mainly in between opting out of self-internment and settling on broad substantial permissiveness.
(I want to thank all the crew members for their friendly/guest contribution)

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Apropriate for all ages.

Screenings / Awards: 

Thess International Short Film Festival (2017)

London Independent Film Awards: Winner "Best Foreign Short" (Online-June 2017), "Best First Time Director" (Online- July 2017)

Eurocinema Film Awards: Official Selection (2017)

Massachusetts Independent Film Festival: Official Selection (2017)

New York Film Screenings: Official Selection (2017)

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards: "Best Experimental", "Best First Time Filmmaker", "Best Actress", "Best Editing Short"

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival: "Best Foreign Short" (Online-August 2017)

Los Angeles Cine Fest: Semifinalist (2017)

Festival International du Film de Cannes: Semi-Finalist (2018)

Reykjavik Visions Film Festival: Semi-Finalist (2018)

Toronto World International Film Festival: Preselected (2018)

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First-Time Filmmaker


Complation Day: July 2017



Directed by: 
Kostopoulos Stavros
Writing credits: 
Kostopoulos Stavros
Korre Elena, Lambropoulos Andreas
Produced by: 
Release Date: 
Friday, June 9, 2017
Total votes: 5152