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It's a story of a taxi driver who tries the learn English and what happens while trying to achieve this task.


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Information for the Audience: 
Faruk, 60 years old, is retired but still working as an ordinary taxi driver. At week days he works daytime, at the weekends at nights. He lost his wife about ten years ago. Since that loss, every day has been in the same routine. Other than his job, there is only one thing he deals with night and day; trying to learn English. He got himself books for practicing. When he is at home, he tries to learn from these books. While driving, he asks the people in his taxi whether they can speak English or not, so that he can practice. Sometimes he is mocked by people around, sometimes admired. He does not care about it, he does his best to learn the language. When he does not study or drive, he works at home. He paints the walls, cleans and polishes the windows, sews cushions for the chairs. He waters his flowers. He is a tidy man, he is like preparing his home for something.
Screenings / Awards: 

Antalya IFF Renkahenk Secreening Section (Turkey Premiere)

Total votes: 1579

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