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Barely Managing (Pilot Episode)


Hank Saddler is an ex-CIA spy, with PTSD, a broken marriage, and a broken daughter. All the same he's keeping it together, barely, by managing an apartment building. When a tenant comes to him and says that her upstairs neighbor is a terrorist, things quickly go haywire for Hank. But it may be more than a random accusation. Is he managing or being managed?

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

"Barely Managing" is about people - men and women - struggling to keep it together in a falling-apart world, unaware of possible strings attached to them.

The project started with an idea based on the writer's experiences living in an apartment building. It was meant to be made on an iPhone. A neighbor, who is also a film student at UCLA, read the script and got involved; suddenly it went from a small thing to a much larger one, including an expanded script, a talented cast, and diverse crew members from all over the world. We pulled together and got it made over a five day shoot, followed by nearly a year of post-production, with a brilliant composer and sound designer adding to the mix. 

Written and directed by: Kit Leonard Dennis

With Kit Leonard Dennis, Merry Grissom, Miata Edoga, Jessica Luza, Sunny Virmani, Alysha Brady, Chasya M. Hill, Ian Adema and David Whitaker.

Screenings / Awards: 

This project has not been screened yet.

Directed by: 
Kit Leonard Dennis with Manuel Lopez Cano
Writing credits: 
Kit Leonard Dennis
Hank Saddler: Kit Leonard Dennis Belinda: Merry Grissom Mr. Malik: Sunny Virmani Lizzie: Miata Edoga Deirdre: Jessica Luza Alyx: Alysha Brady Colette: Chasya M. Hill Krazy Kevin: Ian Adema With: David Whitaker, Rita Qatami
Produced by: 
Protocol S Productions, Gaia Antifora, Cynthia Ignacio Alfonso
Music by: 
Benjamin Roberts with original songs by KL Dennis
Cinematography by: 
Enrico Riscassi with additional shots by KL Dennis and Manuel Lopez Cano.
Film Editing by: 
KL Dennis and Seth Argabright
Costume Design by: 
Andrea Del Rio
Other crew: 
Assistant Camera: Mohit Gupta
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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