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Baher Of Finland


BAHER OF FINLAND -documentary 27´50
Baher of Finland is a documentary about asylum seekers and refugees in Finland that belong to sexual minorities. This film is a touching and down-to-earth story about their life and the problems they encounter.
The main character of the documentary is Baher from Iraq who has found hope for a better life after getting a residence permit in Finland. He is taking back the years he lost, living life to the fullest and dating a lot. Baher is a familiar sight in the gay clubs of Helsinki where he attracts a lot of attention. He’s a handsome teddy bear with a big personality who loves dancing and combines oriental, Iraqi and Western elements in his moves. Baher is also a devout Muslim who lives his life abstaining from substance use.
It is not easy to get asylum in Finland, and the application process in the Immigration Services takes a long time. Hassen Hnini, the chairman of Helsinki area LGBTI Rights, works with members of sexual minorities in need of help and support. LGBTIQ asylum seekers are in a vulnerable position, and members of sexual minorities experience discrimination and violence among other asylum seekers. Many applicants find it difficult to tell the authorities that they are members of sexual minorities. Many asylum seekers end up selling sex in order to provide for themselves.
Director: Pia Asikainen,, tel. +358408302955
Producer: Ari Lehikoinen,
Production: Yle Documentaries 2018




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Pia Asikainen
Writers: Pia Asikainen
Producers: Ari Lehikoinen
Key cast: Baher Almaini, Hassen Hnini, Ali Jumaah

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