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Away from the shore


The story has happened 40 years ago. Or maybe 30... Some people claim that the incredible things the film is about can happen even now.
So, the story tells of non-free people living in a non-free society.
A talented theatre director has been expelled from the capital for two years. And he has been sent to a small provincial theatre where he wants to put a play that his thoughts are obsessed with.
This play talks about people who are being constantly watched and are living in constant fear of punishment.
Gradually, the nightmares of the play begin to move into the life of the troupe...




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Kostadin Bonev
Writers: Nikola Petkov, Evgeny Kuzmanov, Kostadin Bonev
Producers: Kostadin Bonev
Key cast: Penko Gospodinov, Stefan Valdobrev, Yoana Bukovska - Davidova, Joreta Nikolova

Total votes: 519

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