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The Art of Commercial Lease


Skyrocket commercial rent threaten culinary culture, distinctive local flavors run by small business owners are disappearing. Realtors are also fighting to survive in such difficult times, for some of them ethic violation are common practice to meet monthly quota, Realtors are like swordsmen in the world of WuXia, some fight for good and some kill to make a living

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A friend of mine happens to operate a newly renovated mall who's looking for a short film to promote his mall. I asked him what's so special about his mall that's different from other malls around his area, later I learned that he's targeting for the small business owners who can't afford rent from the nearby big malls. There used to have a local beef brisket noodle shop nearby that everyone craved, it closed business as the old residential area got evicted. My friend contacted the beef brisket noodle owner and allow her to reopen her restaurant at his mall. His principle is to preserve heritage culinary, and or the last decade, large mall drives small local shops away. When the maret turn sour, franchise closes many of their rental shops leaving vacant shops in downtown area, and yet, the landlords stand strong on their rental fees. I have been looking for a story that involves martial art and I've just found my story. The unjust commercial rent is out of control and mixing it in the world of "WuXia", Chinese swordsmen ae like realty agents, some fight for good and some kill to make a living.

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