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April's Ecstasy


An abstract short reflecting on modern-day youth culture, focusing on a group of teens obsessed with obtaining fun and freedom through the most destructive and selfish of methods.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

I ask for the audience to be open to the experimental side. This film was created without spending any money, purposefully to challenge myself as an artist and to inspire those who excuse themselves from making a good production because they have no budget. This film has lots of hidden meaning, I want to challenge the audience to find it. 

Directed by: 
Tucker Conine
Writing credits: 
Tucker Conine, Narration by Natalia Steiner
MAIN Anthony Faustin Matthew Earl Ashley Carrillo Matthew Pastewski Extras Max Loyello Gino Sandora Jada Oleski Erin Reardon Jason Argonauts
Produced by: 
Tucker Conine, Alonzo Chiessa
Music by: 
SZA Acoustic Instrumental - The Weeknd pink cig - School Nights FREE Coldhart x Lil Tracy Type Beat The Moment Instrumental Version (chopped and screwed) - Tame Impala
Cinematography by: 
Tucker Conine
Film Editing by: 
Tucker Conine
Casting by: 
Tucker Conine
Art Direction by: 
Tucker Conine
Set Decoration by: 
Tucker Conine
Costume Design by: 
Tucker Conine
Other crew: 
Erin Reardon, Tosin Lawa, Juan Hernandez - Lights
Release Date: 
Friday, February 28, 2020
Total votes: 790

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