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Aphra and Aradia


Aphra, a young woman in search of her sister’s ghost, travels to an island to meet a witch, Aradia. As she endeavours to convince the witch to perform a series of rituals, the two women form an unconventional bond.

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'Aphra and Aradia' preview screening at Institute of Contemporary Arts of London, 3 November 2018

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Written and directed by: Célia Hay
Produced by: the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Director of photography: Célia Hay
Editor: Célia Hay
Original soundtrack: Frederikke Hoffmeier & Jesse Sanes
Cast: Maria de la O Garrido, Stephanie Sant, Anne Vimeux

Directed by: 
Célia Hay
Writing credits: 
Célia Hay
Maria de la O Garrido Stephanie Sant Anne Vimeux
Produced by: 
Steven Cairns, for the Institute of Contemporary Arts of London
Music by: 
Frederikke Hoffmeier & Jesse Sanes
Cinematography by: 
Célia Hay
Film Editing by: 
Célia Hay
Release Date: 
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Total votes: 4475