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Angel Wagenstein: Art is a Weapon


The improbably adventurous life of Bulgarian film artist Angel Wagenstein is one of the great untold stories of world cinema. Fearless anti-Nazi saboteur, screenwriter, novelist, and lifelong revolutionary, at 95 he is still a man of massive charm and ferocious intelligence: the Bulgarian love child of Leon Trotsky and Maurice Chevalier. This provocative documentary portrait introduces Western audiences to a witty and charismatic storyteller, for whom cinema became a form of resistance against a series of oppressive regimes and who remains today a passionate witness to history, and active participant in the debate on Europe’s rocky post-communist future. “Every revolution is an adventure,” he observes with a sad smile. Taking viewers down unfamiliar historical and ideological paths, and inviting us to revisit the revolutions of 1989 with a critical eye, ART IS A WEAPON raises fundamental questions -- more timely now than ever! -- on when, how and why to resist the totalitarian impulse … and where the paths of resistance may lead.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Andrea Simon
Producers: Andrea Simon
Key cast:

Total votes: 860

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