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"Castaway of land, lost on wooded hills, reach with difficulty the town to discover a merciless truth."


A survivor who goes in search of humanity, understood as inner state, as emotion and empathy. Loneliness hurts and the need to be part of a group becomes a vital necessity. Alone, hungry and thirsty, desperate for a better life. But the society is too careful to navel gazing. The despair of others is just an annoyance to extinguish with one click.


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Written and directed by Markus Otz

Cinematography by Gabriele Miotto

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Cast: Marco Capodieci, Diana Monterisi, Giorgia Vittoria Verdi, Ilaria Brianti, Alessandro Sangion, Stefano Origgi, Iulian Bulat

Crew: Silvia Bagordo, Stefano Origgi, Iulian Bulat, Matteo Coello, Sandra Galli 

Producers: Markus Otz and Luisa Neri

Directed by: 
Markus Otz
Writing credits: 
Markus Otz
Marco Capodieci Diana Monterisi Giorgia Vittoria Verdi Ilaria Brianti Alessandro Sangion Stefano Origgi Iulian Bulat
Produced by: 
Luisa Neri & Markus Otz
Music by: 
Kevin MacLeod
Cinematography by: 
Gabriele Miotto
Film Editing by: 
Markus Otz
Casting by: 
Markus Otz
Production Design by: 
Markus Otz
Art Direction by: 
Markus Otz
Set Decoration by: 
Markus Otz
Costume Design by: 
Markus Otz
Production Management: 
Markus Otz Luisa Neri
Other crew: 
Silvia Bagordo (edition) Stefano Origgi (sound) Iulian Bulat (camera assistant) Matteo Coello (drone operator) Sandra Galli (backstage photography)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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