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A young man's life takes a turn to the worst after an unfortunate event that left his city, Port Said, as a victim to a hate crime.

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It is a TRUE STORY about me, young man from Port Said, adversely affected his life after the football game between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly in 1st February 2012.

The film aims to rejection of fanaticism and racism that lead to segregation and division between people, and for what?! football!
As an Egyptian, how could I feel afraid of Egyptians while I am on an Egyptian land?
It is my right to go where ever I want in my homeland without feeling dread or someone treat me bad because I am from another city.

I pointed out that the idea of cheering and encouraging a team transformed into something far worse, which is insulting and agitating the opposing club fans,
whilst there might be good people among the folks doing so.

Media had also played a big role in turning the people against Port Said city and planting a seed of hatred towards it's people by spreading rumors and exaggerating the fatalities of the event and also showing the losses of Al-Ahly fans and deliberately hiding the losses of Port Said, which is one side of the media's ugly face.

I wanted by this film to look at the picture from all angles with the utmost impartiality, and I hope that I succeeded in doing this.

-- Ayman Zakaria

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