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6 and 1 (in the mind)

Lora, Galya, Iva, Misho Render, Rado Extreme and Kamen are co-workers and good friends. They are inseparable even at the weekends. Their love for adventures takes them every weekend to new places where they look for proximity to nature and, above all, extreme experiences. Although not of a single mind about this, they still go along with the group when it comes to extreme adventures.
Without a care in the world, the motor bikes fly towards the place they call: “As far as we get!”
The canyon where they end up, appears to be cut off from the world. The terrain and overgrowth are hostile and difficult.
Whether by accident or due to the strange influence of the place, their conversations gradually become serious. They turn to lies and truth, false and true friendship, forgiveness and treachery.
Kamen, the informal leader of the group, goes off on his own. While the others rest, he decides to look around.
He unexpectedly falls into a deep subterranean gallery. He soon realises that an invisible, ambiguous force exists here. He hears voices…
After their initial anxiety at Kamen’s disappearance, the group finds the place where their friend disappeared. While Rado Extreme, whose dream is to act in an action film, prepares for the rescue mission, Kamen appears. He has managed somehow to get out of the underground world.
He cautiously tells them about his experience. He is scared that his words would be too farfetched. Most of his friends, and to a certain extent he too, think that he imagined the voices due to stress and adrenaline. However, one thing is for sure: the place where they are standing is the vault above the cave, where they assume humans have never set foot.
Their curiosity gets the better of them. Kamen tries to discourage his friends, but in vain. All of them, with the exception of Iva, the most timid and shy of the group, want to peer into the cave. They are overcome by their desire for adventures.
In the ffirst metres of the long gallery, the cave begins to affect our heroes:
They begin to hear voices, see things, and their heads are filled for no reason with recollections from their daily lives… Iva is overcome by panic. Lora, the director of the department, and Galya who is normally not put off by anything, also have their doubts. Rado is convinced that the emotional outbursts of his friends are due to fear and superstition.
Perhaps, because she was the first to sense fear, Iva is the first to hear the warning:
This is Purgatory! Purgatory!!!
Don’t go in there, if you don’t know why!

They carry on.
The way out caves in.
They survive, but the cave begins to affect them and they change visibly.
The difficult situation puts pressure on their relationships, in a way in which they had not seen before. They take refuge in a spacious gallery where they divide: Lora, Galya, Iva, Misho and Rado stay behind, while Kamen goes to look for another way out.
The influence of the cave begins to increase. Soon all of the, even Rado, become convinced that the voices they can hear are not an aural or acoustic hallucination. The cave really is “talking" to them! It is talking to them with their own voices.
Iva, the most sensitive of them all, hears the most. She is overcome by a sense of exultation which scares the others. She claims that they have entered a place which the ancients once called Purgatory and the Place of Truth. Through Iva, the groups is warned of the danger, but no-one takes the warnings seriously.
Things culminate when the blue Light appears. They cannot see the source of the light. It comes from everywhere and nowhere.
The light has a magical property. It “illuminates” all the lies and acts of treachery which they have done to each other, hidden behind the mask of false friendship… This marks the beginning of a cruel, irreconcilable conflict. Yesterday’s friends are now sworn enemies. A battle ensues. Each against the other. The damage to their pride demands recompense. The philosophy of forgiveness and common sense is mercilessly cast to the wind by the dark emotions of the ego. Each one of them thinks about revenge and no-one thinks about the dangerous situation they find themselves in, or that they only way they can get out is if they are united.
What is happening in the gallery is in stark contrast to Kamen’s experience as he is looking for a way out. He is fighting against the darkness, exhaustion and desperation and with the labyrinths in the tunnel and its traps which several times have threatened his life. In fact, Kamen is walking the path of the ancient trials: Courage, readiness to make a sacrifice, and faith.
Lora sits alone waiting for Kamen. The others decide to try and find a way out alone. He returns exhausted but happy that he has found an emergency way out. Soon he realises the bitter truth.
Kamen and Lora are on the way out to the surface. The influence of the cave continues. The vision of the death of Galya and Rado, upsets Lora’s equilibrium and she stumbles into a side gallery which ends with a chasm. Kamen descends but the rope unexpectedly ends. A moment before he drops it, and the last hope that Lora might have survived, she slips into the darkness. At arm's distance. Kamen’s willingness to make a sacrifice is interrupted by a new vision: the cave shows him that Lora had an affair with the Boss.
Kamen is shocked. Lora is also shocked. The “mechanism" of Purgatory is such that the person deceived realises the truth, while the liar experiences the pain which they have caused.
Nevertheless, love overcomes the hurt pride, and this means only one thing – life.
Kamen and Lora are warmed by the setting sun on top a rock hanging over the canyon. From now on, the thought of lies and the Truth will disturb their days and nights…

Directed and written by: LACHEZAR PETROV




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Lachezar Petrov
Writers: Lachezar Petrov
Producers: TL MEDIA LTD - Lachezar Petrov

Total votes: 792

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