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200 Minutes (of something I haven't felt)


It was a short relationship. He, who was reading Hamlet in a restaurant meets her, when she comes to him and recites an excerpt from the book. After all, they pass all day long together, him, without knowing her name - not because of the many times he asked her. Two strangers living and having fun, singing the song of they youth, but it still remains one question he wouldn't be able to answer himself: “who would be her?”.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

The style comes to improve the film itself. If you ask me: “what do you prefer? A super elaborated camera movement or a single close on the face of the actress?”. I would say: “well, what is the most important for the narrative? If its the camera movement, ok, let’s do it.. if it is the single close.. ok let’s do this one”. For that, all my style when I direct a film is based on what is important.. not even for me, but for the film. If you watch this movie you will see that the sequence plans are there for a reason, the elaborated shots are there for a reason as the “tripped shots” are there for a reason too. That’s what I think about style in filmmaking, and that’s what is involved in this film.

Directed by: 
Pedro Ribeiro
Writing credits: 
Pedro Ribeiro
Her – Thaís Cardoso Him – Diego Rezende Sister – Julia Campos Doctor – Pedro Henrique Borges Recepcionist – Erika Veríssimo
Produced by: 
Yoná Yassuda Virges and José Fernando Costa
Music by: 
Pedro Favaro
Cinematography by: 
Paulo Tardelli, Rodrigo Samia, Lucas Kosinski and José Fernando Costa
Film Editing by: 
Christofer Pallú and Pedro Henrique Borges
Casting by: 
Pedro Ribeiro
Art Direction by: 
Christofer Pallú
Costume Design by: 
Christofer Pallú
Makeup Department: 
Thaís Cardoso
Production Management: 
Yoná Yassuda Virges
Other crew: 
Production Assistant – Rodrigo Ravelli Pires de Campos First assistant director – José Fernando Costa Second assistant director – Alexandre Magno Cinematography Assistant– Fabrício Coelho Sound Designer – Pedro Favaro Clapperboard – Claudio Gomes Ribeiro, Mateus Ribeiro, João Paulo Borges Ribeiro, João Felipe Jacques Colorists – Yoná Yassuda Virges e Victória Itiberê da Cunha
Release Date: 
Monday, October 1, 2018
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Total votes: 1341

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