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A man lost in his city and love, he escaped form the original life and moves to another city. But the new life was not as his expectation.

Total votes: 3343
Love Stalk

Total votes: 2352
I am Terry Zou

Total votes: 1997
The Necklace

Deep in the remote area of Northern Nepal, nested between the Tibetan/Nepalese border, the Upper Mustang-Tibetan Plateau, a tiny Himalayan village-Jharkot, l

Total votes: 2112
The Art of Commercial Lease

Skyrocket commercial rent threaten culinary culture, distinctive local flavors run by small business owners are disappearing.

Total votes: 2049
Time Stopper

A time stopper has the ability to control nearly everything in the physical world until he falls in love with his neighbor.

Time Stopper Poster
Total votes: 1887
Free Meal

This video is talking about the fre

Total votes: 2360
Sand Pebbles

Sand Pebbles tells the story of a retiring primary school teacher (played by Paw Hee Ching) and her three teenage granddaughters as they cope with the outbr

Total votes: 1554

Logline: A room that comes between men and women.

Total votes: 197
Chubby Café

Chubby is the boss of Chubby Café. She has four lovely employees: Lazy, Petty, Anger and Simple. Each of them has distinct personality.

Total votes: 549
Farewell Summer Night

Fang, as a ordinary senior student in a boarding high school, finally got the chance to get contact with his dream-girl Xia by participating in the show for

Total votes: 357
My Mother Told Me

Memories and symbols intertwine as a young girl reflects on the ‘survival manual’ her mother gave her.

Total votes: 1113
The Heartfall Arises

This is a provoking breath-taking mysterious thriller about two Chinese chess masters who have been entangled in several serial murder cases in relation to t

Total votes: 840
Original Me

As a little boy, Kei (Leo) was determined to make a giant robot to protect the earth and help others.

Total votes: 527
Gospel Movie "Come Out of the Bible"


Total votes: 2814
Gospel Movie "God's Name Has Changed?!"


Total votes: 2834
UNVEILING The Horse Demon

A young man searches for his father and encounters natural and supernatural forces, which ultimately lead him to unveil his true identity.

Total votes: 5297
Hell In Venus

This story is about how after getting a pair of high heels Girl A enters a strange dimension where she meets a witch.

Total votes: 398
Southern Edge of the Cloud

Pitch'When pureness and simplicity take us for a journey, dare you jump for an adventure and how far it will bring us to?'Director's notesLast year, I went t

Total votes: 334

What can happen if Mishima Yukio meets Socrates?

Total votes: 396
Occupy Central

The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong which shocks the world

Total votes: 360
Real Estate Hegemony

A real estate agent threatens a local small business owner to either pay an unreasonable rent or force to move out.

Total votes: 389
1000 Hands of the Guru: Saving Bhutan's Sacred Arts

Four monks, a royal scholar, and their American guru are fighting to save Bhutan's sacred arts from cultural extinction, while learning the art of letting go

Total votes: 309
Yau King

Is it really a blessing for one to live for over hundred years?

Total votes: 406

SNUGGLE shows the value difference of ‘life and death’ between two generations.

Total votes: 413

An Experimental Site-dance Film inspired by the lens of SALVADOR DALI'S.

Total votes: 328
The Eighth

Overwhelmed by subjective opinons in today's Hong Kong society, various moral standards have been weaponized for trampling on the minority group.A middle-age

Total votes: 427

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