Dark Comedy

For All Eyes Always

In a time of widespread disillusionment and distrust of our government, the CIA creates a fully transparent reality TV show to win back the trust of the Amer

Total votes: 22523
All About Eva

Set in the horse racing world of Ireland, a young lady works through the ranks to enact on a revenge plan. Thriller/Revenge Drama with Dark Comedy

Total votes: 1091
Portobello Road

Female revenge story in west London setting. Mandy find out she is pregnant. Her boyfriend turns out to be married.

Total votes: 1056

Can snails solve mystery and puzzle on their spirals when they were sleeping?

Total votes: 967

Günther and Hindrich are sick of the worst winter in years.

Total votes: 1763
Dar Noir

A narcotics cop who moonlights as a heroin addict, finds redemption and a future in a sassy working girl who sees the gentle, loving man within, if only he c

Total votes: 1314

4:59am, London's Banking District. A young banker attempting to escape from his sins meets an immigrant cleaner who he believes might provide absolution.

Total votes: 563
In Loving Memory Of Uncle Harold

At a reunion Winnie tries to bring her estranged family members closer together by playing a family game.

Total votes: 507
Snaps: The Musical

Benjamin Keene is down on his luck.

Total votes: 746

Total votes: 261

A dark comedy about a man in a research study given incentives f

TOGGLE Short Film
Total votes: 283
Dominique Forever

The virtual world is no longer in the shadow of its older brother, reality, and our brain is the amusement park for both.

Total votes: 2032
Everyday with Gary Bay

Total votes: 923
A. Sinclair - They Breed and Say Hello

Have you ever party so hard you woke up and didn't remeber what happened? Have you ever partied so hard you woke up and realized you ate all your friends?

Total votes: 360

Total votes: 617

The film "Doubt" follows two roommates after a murder. But what happens when one suffers from psychosis?

Total votes: 70063
I am Terry Zou

Total votes: 593

In this DC Comics f

Total votes: 978
The Crowns of Serendip

Phil, a well-meanin

Total votes: 251
Birds Dropping

Two close f

Total votes: 651

'Forget About It.' is a dark comedy set in Italy and it explores the relationship between Robert (American) and his wife Maggie (Italian), whom suffers from

Total votes: 2490
The Traps

Total votes: 375
The Traps

Sofia arrives to pick up her boyfriend (Julian).

Total votes: 841
New Age, Olde English

On a strange night in a str

Total votes: 336
New Age, Olde English

On a strange night in a strange world, a hitchhiker is picke

Lead Actors
Total votes: 434
Funny Fat Guy

Total votes: 333

Mom allways said not to stand with the frigde open...wonder why?

Total votes: 868

A dark comedy about a group of female eco-assassins whose mission is to rid the world of those who would abuse their beloved planet.

Total votes: 622
Ms Cutler
Bizarre events befall Rosemount Lane when a newcomer, Ms Cutler, settles into town.
Total votes: 169
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 9919
Kill Face

As Halloween night falls in a ruined British city, four inept schemers have a plan

Total votes: 449

Our main protaginist (Dave early 30s) is at home

Total votes: 159
The Curse of Don Scarducci

Don is the quintessential mob boss living the good life in New York - beating up, extorting and killing people for laughs.

Total votes: 212
Invisible Man

Invisible Man takes place in a world so many dream of belonging to. The elite, the beautiful, the unreachable.

Invisible Man
Total votes: 270

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