One minute experimental film depicting the correlation between the art of ceramics and contemporary dance.

Total votes: 659
Don't Drink and Drive

Short film/commercial which shows us how dangerous is to drink and drive.

Total votes: 1350
Total votes: 2130

There is something in her past she would like to forget. But some things are not ment to be forgotten.

Teaser image (film still from film)
Total votes: 1979
Tatjana v Mamandiji (Tatjana In Motherland)
Total votes: 1799
Reality (Director's Cut version)

Reality is first feature film by Dafne Jemersic, as film director, editor. and one of producers.

Total votes: 25
A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind

The pupils of Bičevje Primary School in Slovenia discuss the contributions of individuals to a better world.They emphasize the role models of adults and thei

Total votes: 48
GOTTSCHEER HOMELAND - The lost culture heritage

Frank Mausser, unique ‘Gottscheer’, tells his niece in the film ‘Gottscheabar Lont’ (Gottscheer Homeland) the story about the lost cultural heritage of the G

Total votes: 636

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