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GOTTSCHEER HOMELAND - The lost culture heritage


Frank Mausser, unique ‘Gottscheer’, tells his niece in the film ‘Gottscheabar Lont’ (Gottscheer Homeland) the story about the lost cultural heritage of the German speaking people called ‘Gottscheer’ who lived in the Slovene geographic area of ‘Kočevje’ (Gottschee). Till today they preserve unique language from 13th century – the film represent the last trial to preserve the unique German language from the Middle Age called ‘Gottscheabarisch’ for the future generations of ‘Gottscheer’ as well for the world cultural heritage.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Gottscheebar Lont (Gottscheer Homeland) is unique documentary about the almost lost German language from Middle Age and the lost cultural heritage of German speaking people in the middle of Europe, in the region called Kočevje (Gottschee) in Slovenia. Directed by: Uroš Zavodnik; Writen by: Hermann Leustik, Uroš Zavodnik; Produced by: Hermann Leustik, Uroš Zavodnik

Directed by: 
Uroš Zavodnik
Writing credits: 
Hermann Leustik, Uroš Zavodnik
Frank Mausser, Pia Maria Lipnik
Produced by: 
Hermann Leustik, Uroš Zavodnik
Music by: 
Sing- und Trachtengruppe der Gottscheer Landsmannschaft Klagenfurt
Cinematography by: 
Florian Semmler, Uroš Zavodnik
Film Editing by: 
Florian Semmler
Production Management: 
Hermann Leustik
Other crew: 
Andreas Frei (Frei Audio Tonstudio), Michael Schwingl (creative graphic)
Release Date: 
Friday, June 19, 2015
Total votes: 1213

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