OVERCAST - An Investigation into Climate Engineering

OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky an

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Krump is a short documentary about the dance style "Krump" and introduces young dancers, by award winning filmmaker Johannes Ziegler

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The film "Doubt" follows two roommates after a murder. But what happens when one suffers from psychosis?

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Matt Portle and I started off as strangers. This narrative documentary is about how we became friends.
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Para Normal

We consider many things "normal"

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Dusty Bin Dreams

Eriss Khajira (1987) grew up on the largest dumpsite of East Africa: the Dandora dumpsite.

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Direct Elections Now!

Documentary that shows the campaign of "Direct Elections Now", a political and social movement that mobilized widely and deeply Brazilian society.

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Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R. Booker Story
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