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The Take Over


Cinema one of the greatest Art forms of our time...providing popular entertainment is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Since the time of its invention late 1880s, Cinema has used moving images to create amazing works.

Movies have helped us share our experiences and dreams. Photochemical film has been the exclusive format used to capture, develop, project, and store moving images for over 100 years.
But Over the past two decades, a new form of Digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a ground breaking evolution in the medium... a total transformation from Analogue to Digital.

Indian Cinema especially has seen a tremendous change in Filmmaking process.. More and more movies are either partly or entirely digital constructions that are created with computers and eventually retrieved from drives at our local multiplex or streamed to the large and small screens of our choice.
Right before our eyes, Indian Cinema is undergoing a revolution that may have more far reaching, fundamental impact than the introduction of sound, color or television.
Whether these changes are scarcely visible or overwhelmingly obvious, Digital technology is transforming how we look at movies and what movies look like, from modestly budgeted movies shot with digital still cameras to blockbusters laden with computer-generated imagery. Digital Technology has evolved to an extent of replacing film as the primary means of creating and sharing motion pictures.

Emerging technological innovations that have made Celluloid a thing of the past and Digital the Wave of Indian Cinema’s future....
As they say filmmaking right now has reached a kind of threshold tipping point.
In this kind of intersection of time, it's historic!
This Documentary investigates the history, process and workflow of digital film creation in Indian Film making. It shows what Indian Technicians and Filmmakers have been able to accomplish with this new technology, and how their needs and innovations have helped push Filmmaking in new directions....
Where we are now, how we got here and what the future may bring........!


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jennifer Alphonsse
Writers: Jennifer Alphonsse
Producers: K Basi Reddy
Key cast:

Total votes: 423

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