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When a struggling writer poses for an 'uber-esque' driver and confronts a Hollywood Producer, a past is unveiled and a future is uncertain.

Madrid Arts Film Festival ***WINNER BEST DIRECTOR***
Film Fest LA *Official Selection*



Information for the Audience: 

Stolen is a psychological thriller that delves into the fears of today's accessibility through technology. Conveniently, we have the ability to request a car with a simple push in an app but throwing caution into the wind, as we entrust a stranger to get us to our location safely.

Stolen questions what truly defines a villain. How far would a person would go if they felt betrayed? Who is the victim? Who is the hero? Stolen presents these sides and allows the viewer to decide the true morality of the story.

I started Stolen as nothing more than a 5 page exercise. It was shot in a day and half, with limited resources, a small group of dedicated filmmakers and actors. I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the finished product.

I can only hope my film will entertain, give an emotional experience and allow people to walk away with something to think about.

Screenings / Awards: 

Madrid Arts Film Festival ***WINNER BEST DIRECTOR***
Film Fest LA *Official Selection*

Semi-Finalist: Cinema London
Semi-Finalist: Washington Film Festival
Semi-Finalist: Malta Film Festival
Semi-Finalist: Cinema Los Angeles


Directed by: 
Oscar Negroni
Writing credits: 
Oscar Negroni
Ryan Neil Conklin Adam Christy
Produced by: 
Brandon Deese
Music by: 
Brian DiDomenico
Cinematography by: 
Alex Choonoo
Film Editing by: 
Oscar Negroni Jason Gottlieb
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 1342

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