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L4 Lupus


All Atikah wants in her life is to live happily in her little-perfect life with Mutiara, her deaf, dumb, and blind sister. When their parents died from illness and sorrow when they were still young, Atikah swore she would protect her sister. The sincere and cheerful woman become a doctor, hoping that one day she would be able to cure her sister.

When Mutiara passed out too often, Atikah decides to take her to see a doctor. It turns out her sister was diagnosed with lupus decease.

Some time before that, Adam, came to the hospital to work as an ER replacement doctor and the reserved and shy doctor fell in love with her secretly.

Atikah tries to do everything to take care of her sister despite of her busy life and they go to many places she could take, but lupus has strike Mutiara’s brain and it get worse. Mutiara dies and Atikah thinks that there is no point in living as a doctor. She gives up on life and devastates. Adam knows that she needs him most. He offers her comfort and love, and for the very first time, Atikah finally opens her heart to a man... only to learn that lupus will forever become a shadow in her life.

A mixture between reality, suffers, and reception of what life bring, inspired by true stories from people living with lupus.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Damien Dematra
Writers: Damien Dematra
Producers: Damien Dematra, Irene Christina
Key cast: Virda Anggraini, Natasha Dematra, Ayu Azhari, Lucky Moniaga, Anna Tarigan

Total votes: 701

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