If There is a Reason to Study

RenWen is a young Taiwan alternative junior high school where test scores and rankings didn’t exist.

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During the 1930's, Taiwan had already spent close to 40 years under Japanese rule, and had entered a stage of stable assimilation.

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HeavenKid: Time-Space Door

ToTo by accident opened a device that transformed a chessboard into a Space Door.

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The Day to Choose

A righteous lawyer who believes that "death penalty" should not exist in the society.

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Abstraction and Pixilation of “Gennady Golovkin vs Marco Antonio Rubio 18 10 2014”

In this work, the artist uses stop motion to reproduce a boxing match docu

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Forêt Debussy

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White Ant

Seemingly an ordinary youth

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Street vendors are ready to open for business, students are eating lunch at school, and commuters are trying to squeeze onto the

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Land Divers


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On The vernal equinox ,Teacher in the fifth and sixth classes temporarily asked for leave. The school had to ask everyone to study.

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The Walker

In the 1990s, the Walker Theatre was where the Taiwanese underground

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Gospel Movie "Awakening"


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The Cat in the Closet

The Fan family was already not very versed at expressing love. After loss of their son Wei, they became more emotionally trapped.

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Abstraction and Pixilation of 'Gennady Golovkin vs Marco Antonio Rubio 18 10 2014'

In this work, the artist uses stop motion to reproduce a boxing match documentary on YouTube, titled 'Gennady Golovkin vs Marco Antonio Rubio 18 10 2014'.

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A theater full of exciting souls, they stay on stage waiting for the curtain rise.

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Too Late To Love

In life , how many children would understand to honor our parents is always priority .

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Era is a collaboration between WWWINGS and Rob Jabbaz.It is a story about neglected military artificially intelligent robots and the ecosystem they organical

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A journey of self-discovery by a mixed breed who has been marginalized and lost.

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Sandy Never Late

Dick is a security guard of famous singer Sandy Cheng.

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The God's Boat

Under the instructions of Gods, Tainan Liang Bao Temple held two ceremonies in 2012, the biggest religion event for the past 20 years.

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Last Wills

This video is a collection of the last words of seven celebrities in history.

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A passionate girl who gave up her life time dream due to the rejection of a job interview.

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Towards the Sun

This is a story about two social outcasts who help each other and make new goals in a road trip.A man loses his house and is forced to live in his truck.

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