Digital Autism. A.V.Kurpatov (RU) Цифровой Аутизм. А.В.Курпатов

This is the last serious scientific research done by A.V. Kurpatov's group and presented in the form of a 15-minute presentation at a meeting of the Russian government. The study is aimed at what is happening today with people, what is happening with their consciousness, how gadgets and electronics completely destroy the personality, and deprive it of the ability to think, blocking brain functions.

这是 A.V. Kurpatov 小组完成的最后一项严肃的科学研究,并在俄罗斯政府会议上以 15 分钟的报告形式进行了展示。 该研究旨在了解当今人们正在发生的事情,他们的意识正在发生的事情,小工具和电子产品如何彻底摧毁人格,剥夺其思考能力,阻碍大脑功能。