African American

9 Months in the Bronx

Felicia is 22, she's from the Bronx and she's pregnant.

Total votes: 25
The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is a music video that follows a woman being pulled through her death being forced to see and possibly stop acts of violence, abuse, lust and a

Total votes: 31
Don't Love

A guy who is against the loving commitment, explains his reasons by showing different situations with different women that he has been with during his life.

Total votes: 63

A female grad student and cellist goes on a redemptive journey to find a missing 6 year old boy, caught up in a web of human trafficking.

Total votes: 36

Life gives you a second chance.

Total votes: 98
Touching Mary

A massage therapist is given a much needed life lesson by a homeless woman.

Total votes: 88
A Good Day Of Hustling

The daily struggle of a homeless man to survive.

Total votes: 44
It's My World, Dog!

'It's My World, Dog!' is a movie about the receiving department in the basement of a local bookstore, which serves as a microcosm of race relations in presen

Total votes: 610
Second Chance

After a home invasion goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped to ruin.

Total votes: 57
Reflex Camera

When moments of uneasiness try to creep in as they will in everyone's life, I tell myself to get that camera back in focus, and everything is okay.

Total votes: 181

Stuck in memories and mourning the loss of her father, a young writer struggles with her personal relationships by equating love with the way in which her fa

Total votes: 49
Red Carpet

In the wake of the media broadcast of numerous missing women, an actor is interviewed about his role as a serial killer.

Total votes: 92

In a dire situation, a desperate man reaches out to the only person who can possibly help him.

Total votes: 125

A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.

Total votes: 110

A girl decides to go against her parents wishes and not go to the college she was accepted into.

Total votes: 147


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