Opening Date: 
May 30, 2017
Earlybird Deadline: 
August 30, 2017
Regular Deadline: 
November 30, 2017
Late Deadline: 
March 01, 2018
Extended Deadline: 
September 01, 2018
Notification Date: 
October 01, 2018
Event Date: 
October 20, 2018 to October 22, 2018
Festival Description: 


The Festival brings together industry reps and executives from Los Angeles, film aficionados from across the country and filmmakers from around the world. The festival also features filmmaker tributes, special presentations, nightly celebrations and special events.
Palm Springs is destination Festival as nearly 70% of the audience travels here from out of town. As a result, it has a long reach, generating tremendous word-of-mouth for the films that screen here.
Awards & Prizes: 
Best Student Short
Best Sports Short
Best Web Series
Best Feature
Best Short
Best Director
Best Writer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematography
Rules & Terms: 
  1. Any submission can be considered for accepting.
  2. More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must include a separate entry form and submission fee. Films submitted without proper payment will not be considered. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  3. The number(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the screenings of films are at the discretion of the Festival.
  4. The print supplier will be responsible for the cost of shipment to the Festival. The Palm Springs Multiplex Film Festival, in turn, will return the print postage prepaid to the supplier or to the next destination as indicated by the supplier. The Festival will not be responsible for international return shipping costs for U.S.-produced films.
  5. Participation in The Palm Springs Multiplex Film Festival implies understanding and acceptance of all terms included in this application.
  6. The information contained in my online application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I give the Palm Springs Film Festival the authority to use the submitted publicity materials for the purpose of promoting the film and the Festival. I understand that I am duly authorized to give permission to allow the Palm Springs Multiplex Film Festival to screen this film.
  7. I am the US Rights Holder of the film OR I am authorized by the US Rights Holder of the film to submit the film and will include written verification from the Rights Holder with the submission copy.
  8. If selected, films must be available for projection in DCP.
  9. All non-English language films must have English language subtitles.
  10. If the film has been viewed on the internet or national broadcast, cable or satellite television, or has had a public screening in the Palm Springs area prior to the Festival screening. (press screening and/or cast/crew screening is not considered a public screening); then it is only eligible for the Online Film Festival category.
  11. Online Screener must be uploaded no later than the deadline date to qualify for the respective entry fees.
  12. For Student entries, a photocopy of an official student ID or a letter from the school must be sent with the entry submission as proof of student status when the film was made.
  13. Changing the screening format from what is listed on the application is not permissible.
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