Miami National Film Festival

Festival Description: 
Miami National Film Festival is a world-class platform for International film. The Festival showcases the work of the world’s best emerging and established filmmakers to the diverse cosmopolitan community of Miami. With its special focus Miami National Film Festival has become the natural gateway for the discovery talent.
The Miami Film Festival is a dedicated contributor to the cultural arts, economy, and education of Miami-Dade County. 
The film festival was founded to showcase Miami as a leader in contemporary filmmaking, and aims to exhibit the most captivating and innovative short content. In the process, the Miami International Film Festival hopes to build an audience for short films as well as appeal to dedicated followers of feature films. 


Awards & Prizes: 
Best Student Short
Best Experimental
Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Best Local Short
Best Internet Shorts
Best Widescreenfest Award
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography Awards
Best of Fest
Best Foreign Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Narrative
Best Comedy
Best Actor in a Feature Film
Best Actress in a Feature Film
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Rules & Terms: 
All Films submitted to the MNFF can be any length, genre and completed anytime. 
Do not use adhesive labels on the discs unless is a professional output job (if burning yourself, use a permanent marker with the requested information on the discs.
Submit a separate entry for each film submission.
Foreign language do not require English subtitles but it is recommended. White letters with black outlines have maximum readability.
Student fees apply to all students in colleges, universities and film schools. Middle and high school students may also apply.
Filmmaker should suggest an MPAA rating for their film. Ratings do not disqualify films from consideration. We like to schedule films for appropriate audiences.
Submissions must be postmarked by a reasonable amount of time.
All music and other copyrighted material used in films must be properly licensed.
Only digital submission are accepted.
If your film is selected we will ask you to email us a still image and press kits.
All films selected for the Festival grant MNFF the rights to use press materials from the film for promotional purposes.Although every possible care will be taken with tapes, films, drives and files while in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send original or master prints, tapes, files or drives. Please keep the MNFF notified of any address/phone number changes.
Each project entered into competition must pay an entry fee. There is no limit to the number of qualifying entries by any entrant so long as an entry form and fee accompanies each entry.
Entrants shall obtain all licenses, royalties, and permits necessary to present their work. Entrant will assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised, or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes, or dramatic rights used in production of work.
Festival Contact Information: 
Contact Information Displayed publicly
Submission requests email: 
Opening Date: 
January 31, 2024
Earlybird Deadline: 
February 19, 2024
Regular Deadline: 
March 15, 2024
Submission Address: 
My festival has the same submission address.
Late Deadline: 
May 10, 2024
Extended Deadline: 
July 12, 2024
Notification Date: 
September 25, 2024
Event Date: 
September 29, 2024 to September 30, 2024

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