Madrid Art Film Festival

Festival Description: 
The Madrid Art Film Festival is an international film event to celebrate the movie making whilst bringing together film makers and the business of film making, from the smallest independent film maker to the most popular English and foreign language films and is open to all film genres.
An inventive selection that is neither too traditional nor too sophisticated, a selection that is the most international in the world, open to all film types and yet never forgetting our over-riding passion- that of the love of film, a selection that is attentive to the arrival of new generations and which combines all the necessary conditions for the films to be hosted and honoured in the great tradition of film makers around the world.
A daring selection that seizes the best of the moment, a selection that creates desire, that triggers curiosity, that carries that certain vitality which currently fills film today and gives a hint of the film of tomorrow, a selection that helps these films, cinema, its creators and artists to exist and to continue their work....


Awards & Prizes: 
Audience Awards (determined by Public Votes): 
1) Best Music Video 
2) Best Student Short
Judges Awards (determined by Judges' Decision): 
1) Best Cinematography 
2) Best Actor 
3) Best Actress 
4) Best Director 
5) Best Music Score 
6) Best Screenplay 
7) Best Editing 
8) Best Sound Design 
9) Best Feature 
10) Best Narrative Short 
11) Best Documentary Short 
12) Best Animation Short 
13) Best Visual Effects 
14) Best Recording Artist 
15) Best Web Series 
16) Best Youth In Arts (For Filmmakers/Artists Under 16) 
17) Best Trailer 
18) Best Original Song Lyrics
19) Best Casting Director 
20) Best Talent Agency 
21) Best Film School


Rules & Terms: 
  • Films of all lengths (short & feature) and all genres (family, animated, comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, horror, documentary, foreign, music video) are welcome to submit.
  • Screenplays (both short & feature) of all genres are welcome to submit. Screenplays must be unproduced as of the date of the film festival. 
  • Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.
  • No feedback on submissions can be given.
  • Short must be under 59 minutes and Features should be at least 59 mins or more.
  • All foreign Submissions must be subtitled.
  • Online screeners, and posters are mandatory and must be uploaded via Withoutabox.
  • The festival does not make your film available online.
Festival Organizers: 
Andres Gonzalez Director
Alexander Parker
Festival Contact Information: 
Contact Information Displayed publicly
Submission requests email: 
Opening Date: 
January 25, 2022
Earlybird Deadline: 
April 30, 2022
Regular Deadline: 
May 27, 2022
Submission Address: 
My festival has the same submission address.
Late Deadline: 
August 27, 2022
Extended Deadline: 
October 27, 2023
Notification Date: 
October 09, 2023
Event Date: 
October 10, 2023 to October 11, 2023

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