New Zealand

... and the Rest is History

Two shady guys in dark suits. A mysterious girl out of nowhere. A gloomy figure in a parking garage.

Total votes: 48204

This movie is about Solaiyamma who is currently living in New Zealand and giving ultimate value to her childhood memories and try to save Thennamcholai (coco

Total votes: 693

With a curb-crawling serial killer targeting prostitutes, Joshua scours Auckland's underbelly to find the woman who keeps running away, before it's too late.

Total votes: 1129
The Great Maiden's Blush

Total votes: 417

Four unlikely friends become addicted to methamphetamine, sending them on a disastrous yet hilarious roller coaster ride that will change their lives forever

Total votes: 500
Haka and Guitars

During the Pacific’

Total votes: 941
Crackheads (Crackheads)

Our story follows four unlikely friends, brought together by their passion for social football, who fall victim to methamphetamine.

Total votes: 724

The animated movie “Displaced” is a symbolised narrative inspired by the Tampa boat people incident of 2001, where rescued boat refugees were ref

Total votes: 2340

The riveting journey of coalition soldiers as they land unarmed into the heat of a 10 year civil war using only the weapons of Music, Maori Culture and Love

Total votes: 5

A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Total votes: 155
An Animated Guy

A personal look at Guy Capper co-creator of awarding winning stop motion series "Robert and Sheepy".

Total votes: 53
The Apple Tree

A grieving mother, unable to escape the past, is locked in grief for the loss of her son.

Total votes: 1439
My Little Brother

A young boy’s story of his little brother, the scary internet and a nightmare vision

Total votes: 6

Possum is a tale of two young brothers who accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite.

Total votes: 5

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