["Fi Intithar Al Khareef" (Waiting for Autumn

a women's volleyball team, who is adamant about winning the trophy in the volleyball championship, despite the war and chaos taking part in Syria this is

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An amazing discovery will determine Ahmad to take a difficult and important decision which will change the course of his life and the life of his family.

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A patient is attending a session with his hypnotherapist.The purpose is to travel back to childhood through the milestones of the whole past life.We can feel

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On the track of Robert van Gulik
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Crack - صدع

To enrich a character in the play she is writing, May enters a mental institution with the help of Radwan which makes their complicated relationship even wor

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The buried secret

The Buried Secret


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The buried secret

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a Lebanese mother and her son. Prior to his departure, he confides in her and asks her to keep a secret.

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Heaven Without People

Josephine, the matriarch of a sprawling family, is delighted to gather everyone for Easter lunch for the first time in two years.

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Imperfect Unless Performed In Blood

On the river bank she sits and battles the world with words.

Like the twilight, someone enters the room.

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ces petits riens

There is always something absent that torments her. Maxine (28)

a writer who lives in Paris, suffers from solitude, she only

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Rawad finds himself in the middle of a trip that is both spiritual and physical throughout an authentically breathtaking valley; and yet this journey itself

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A psychopath librarian possess a hatred attitude towards humans, especially women, resulting from his stiff upbringing in his earlier years.

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Hekmat, Jad, Sobhi and Tawfik imagine that they killed the doctor and they start to investigate the crime.

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Withered Green

Iman cannot convince any of her uncles to attend her younger sister’s engagement in her father’s place, as is tradition.

Total votes: 580

An experimental romantic adventure.

Total votes: 634

A sniper who lives alone on a country’s border shooting refugees attempting to cross, one day finds a tape of his victim’s war diary and begins to listen to

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