Once upon a time in Ukraine

Once Upon a Time in Ukraine A bus is going to Kiev from Crimean village. We hear the bells of the church.

Total votes: 1935
The Cossack and the Death

Facing Death on his own, cossack Maxim Soroka baffles Death with the question whether he ends in hell or in heaven.

Total votes: 1395

A blind girl discovers unusual aspects of the world through the eyes of an eccentric musician, until she, herself, obtains the ability to see everything on h

Total votes: 3314
Brothers. The Final Confession

Total votes: 3108

Disabled from Zapor

Total votes: 4580
A Crazy Family

An elementary schoo

Total votes: 1485
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 51505

A young guy jumps into the past to mend his relationship with his love but fails. The professor tries to stop him and save his life.

Total votes: 113
The City, or The Desperate Renunciation of Reality

A couple of teenagers lead a carefree marginal life in a big city, mocking the bustling modern society.

Total votes: 136

The story is about a girl, who tries to solve problems with the help of psychotherapist sessions.

Total votes: 134
Teacher’s Day

A distinguished teacher and two young women get stuck in the elevator. Turns out that these women are victims of a pedophile.

Total votes: 114
The Retrieval

A man comes back from war to his home village with a burnt face. What awaits him at his home which he hadn't seen for so long?

Total votes: 566

Once upon a time in the nearest future humanity overcome the death by digitizing the human's souls. So, we will be granted with Eternity.

Total votes: 863

As Carpathian legend has it, Oleksa Dovbush was a heroic outlaw with excellent fighting skills and a gift to predict the future.

Total votes: 718
Symphony of Painting of Vadym Kucher-Kutsan

This film is about the art work of the great painter from Odessa city - Vadym Kucher-Kutsan, whose genius of paintings has been recognized worldwide.

Total votes: 595

Stylized fashion school of the 21st century for girls. Living room. Turns on the light.

Total votes: 650

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