As One

As One is about a never ending war, a town ravaged by a devastating storm and the woman caught in between.

Total votes: 1448
Oath To Die

Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Politicians here are elected into office by means of vote-buying.

Total votes: 2086
Unconscious Memory

Marinduque, an island province in the Philippines 172 kilometers south of Manila, is where the largest mining disaster in the country’s history occurre

Total votes: 2271

A policewoman roams the city of Manila to fulfill her duties as a police patrol and to look for her lost son.

Total votes: 3746

Total votes: 2030
1st SEM

Maru Marasigan, a sixteen-year old incoming freshman from the province, leaves his hometown to study in one of the prestigious universities in Manila.

Precy throws Maru his stuff after the latter decides to go home
Total votes: 4214
APAG (Offering)

Total votes: 1483
Murmurs From the Somber Depths of Sta. Mesa

The film is composed of black and white images from the somber depths of Sta.Mesa (Manila, Philippines) which are juxtaposed in its railroad that metaphorica

Total votes: 1204
An Unstable Reality

Acting CEO Mary Madison is feeling the pressure then being the top-dog of Venus Visage Cosmetics.

Total votes: 2163
UNVEILING The Horse Demon

A young man searches for his father and encounters natural and supernatural forces, which ultimately lead him to unveil his true identity.

Total votes: 6839
SALVI : Ang Pagpadayon

Over population caused natural resources to be depleted at a rapid pace, starting wars and mass genocide.

Total votes: 2371

Starting a new life in the Philippines, Gina struggles upon making friends, fitting in and what it is means to be free.

Total votes: 717
No One Knew

The story begins

Total votes: 884

A valiant tribal girl named Quira, seeks vengeance after witnessing her colony getting slaughtered in front of her eyes by a rival tribe.

Total votes: 1303

A short film on the journey of parents with kids with special needs, the struggles, challenges, but in the end, the strength, perseverance of the community

Total votes: 671
Curiosity, Adventure & Love

One woman’s journey through a century of love, war and discovery.Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where

Total votes: 796
Headhunting William Jones

This 90-min documentary video is a character study of a Native American anthropologist researching the Ilongot headhunters (now known as the Bugkalot) in the

Total votes: 1054

EDSA is the main thoroughfare in Metro Manila, which is like the heart of the Phlippines.

Total votes: 707

A young man who swindles gay men for money is possessed by a gay demon.

Total votes: 670
Free Gift

A short about a popular hotshot that's trying to reject the gift of an annoyingly generous stranger.

Total votes: 529

The last remnants of humanity scavenge an apocalyptic world in search for subsistence, security and salvation.

Total votes: 681

Who is the hero of the new national heroes?

Total votes: 962
Seven Sacks of Rice

A farmer’s son witnesses the daily struggles of their family, leading to realizations that strengthen his resolve.

Total votes: 664

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