Korea, Republic of

New World Order

Soviet Union's collapse was triggered by the KAL 007 shoot-down.

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Boys, be ambitious

There is serious problem with getting job among young people in korea.

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12 DEEP RED NIGHTS : Chapter 1

In the City... Twelve nights...twelve fears...the first out of 4 episodes of terror nights!

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The gods visit the sins of the fathers upon the children

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Paraíso is a "direct cinema" documentary film that follows the lives of child survivors one month after the tragedy of the strongest typhoon ever recorded on

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God is dead

A girl and her mother started to settle in the redevelopment area illegally.

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Fantastic Love Gym

Dongwan and Juri have been friends since they were kids.
They have been working together at Fantastic love gym.

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Three men who simultaneously face their deaths end up in the Afterlife Management Office.

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Garak market revolution

There is serious problem with getting job among young people in korea.

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KIM IL SUNG's Children

It all began with the Korean War in 1950

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Different people have very different ways of expressing and approaching their feelings.

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Through greed, man becomes a different being. If the price for your prosperity was another person's death, would you pay it?

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Dad is pretty

Duk-jae wants to talk if he gets drunk. But when he gets home, Jung ah gets into the room and Mi-ja increases Tv volume.

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Break Through the Snare


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Know the Incarnate God | The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel

Lin Bo'en is an old preacher who has believed in the Lord for many decades.

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God Has Brought His Glory to the East


Total votes: 2886
God Has Come God Has Reigned


Total votes: 2308

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