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World Film Fair
The World Film Fair is a global platform that gives access to distribution companies, production companies and investors from all over the globe, with a focus on upcoming new talents in the film industry. The World Film Fair will be bringing a unique, fresh and exciting perspective and will be unlike any other Film Fair. The Fair is being held on 11th October 2019 in California.The World Film Fair will consist of 3,000 new films and projects. There will be a total of 300 screenings held in 5 of the best New York theaters. As well as this, the World Film Fair is also proudly hosting a Schools and University sector which aims to showcase the best films and works created from the biggest film schools and institutes around the world.The World Film Fair is the first of its kind in that not only will the Fair be held in USA but there will also be World Film Fair screenings held in multiple locations and venues around the world. So the films selected to be screened at the World Film Fair will be shown to a global audience of both film goers and film industry companies such as distributors, production companies, film buyers and investors! The World Film Fair is not based in one location alone. Each location and venue that holds a screening is a World Film Fair centre itself.World Film Fair is combining different sources and companies and joining them together into one big global project, where our main goal is to give a platform to the best filmmakers so they can be seen around the World. The WFF opened a new program for screening films at the WFF’s partner festivals and screening locations. If any (or all) of these screenings are of interest to you, please let us know and we can put you in touch with each location directly so you can organise sending your film etc.  
American Film Market
The American Film Market (AFM) is an event of the industry of the film takes place each year in early November in Santa Monica, California. About 8,000 people attend the eight-day networking event and sell, finance and acquire films. Participants from more than 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, Festival directors, financiers, Commissioners from movies, producers, screenwriters, etc. Founded in 1981, the AFM has quickly become one of the first market in the world for the film industry, where the difference of a festival film, production and distribution deals are the main target of the participants.   The AFM is held in Santa Monica at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and Beach Hotel Le Merigot, which becomes therefore a busy office market. In addition to offering choices that occurs in the AFM are not projections, conferences, events and networking evenings.   The AFM uses all 15 cinemas in the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica (and in the surrounding community) and nine cinemas HD built to accommodate 700 projections for over 400 movies (often world or first US). The films presented range from big budget blockbusters that will be released by the major studios in the United States, of the decline of budget art films and genre recognized in festivals films international, all looking Film and television distribution worldwide.   The AFM is produced by the Alliance of Independent Film and Television (IFTA), the professional association that represents the producers and distributors of independent films and television programs in the world. 
Sponsors and Partners
We are very glad to announce the following partners for the World Film Presentation:  FIDE: World Chess Federation  Grand Chess Fest     Intellect Pictures       
Kyiv Film Festival
The goal of Kyiv Film Festival is to encourage emerging movie makers for new film making by appreciating their work.We accept all genres of films from all over the world.Our mission is to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and Award them so that they are more inspired to keep telling amazing stories.Location: м. Київ, вул. Січових стрільців, 93 from May 25th till May 25th 2019.
Tribeca Film Festival
Submit your screener (Movie, Video, Film) to all festivals by one click:   The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff, allegedly in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the loss of vitality in the Tribeca in Lower Manhattan Neighborhood, although there are reports that the Foundation was in place before the events of 9 / 11.   The mission of the festival is "to enable the international film community and the general public to discover the power of film by redefining the film festival experience." The Festival du Film de Tribeca was founded to celebrate New York City as a major film Center and to contribute to the resumption of Manhattan long term.   In 2006 and 2007, the festival has received more than 8600 submissions and is 1 500 film screenings. Program of the festival line up includes a variety of independent films, including documentaries, short and feature films, as well as a program of films for the whole family. The festival also offers roundtables with personalities from the world of the show and music lounge produced with ASCAP to show artists. One of the most distinctive elements of the festival is its artists awards program in emerging and renowned artists celebrate filmmakers by providing original artworks that are given to the winners of the filmmakers. Previous programme artists artists Prize have included Chuck Close, Alex Katz, and Julian Schnabel.   The festival now attracts around three million people, including celebrities who are often difficult to the world of art, cinema and music, and generates $ 600 million year.
Telluride Film Festival
Submit your screener (Movie, Video, Film) to all festivals by one click:   Telluride Film Festival is a Telluride, Colorado, Labor Day weekend film festival in the United States in September every year.   The project was started in 1974 by Bill and Stella Pence, Tom Luddy, and James Card and Telluride Council of Arts and letters. It is operated by the National Preserve film. Pennies retired in 2007. Julie Huntsinger and Gary Meyer were hired to run the festival with Tom Luddy. Huntsinger is the Executive Director. In 2013, the festival celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new place, the Teatro Werner Herzog and one additional day. The festival should not be confused with Mountainfilm in Telluride, another film festival held annually in Telluride Memorial Day weekend.   Telluride Film Festival Programm The bulk of the programme consists of new movies, and it is an informal tradition that new films should be presented for the first time in North America to be eligible for the festival. Telluride is conveniently located in the international calendar of the festival the film for this: shortly after the Cannes Film Festival, but just before the international film Festival and the Toronto, New York film Festival. This emphasis on first made Telluride be associated with the discovery of a number of new films and filmmakers. This is particularly true of Michael Moore (whose first film Roger and me, he showed for the first time in 1989) and Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi including the first film won its first festival screening it in 1992). The festival also had the American premiere of movies like My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981), Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1984), Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986), the civil war (Ken Burns, 1990) The Crying Game (Neil Jordan, 1992), Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001) and Le Secret de Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee, 2005). Since 1995, a special medallion is also awarded annually, usually in a non-cineaste which had a great impact on American and international film culture. Among above include them Milos Stehlik (founder of facets Multi-Media), HBO, the magazine positive french cinema, Ted Turner, and Janus Films.