The Blue Dot

Claire, a twenty something with a mysterious glowing dot on her cheek, must figure out how to hide her aberration when a group of friends crash her quiet nig

Total votes: 19

China has been through a dramatic urbanization as its economy grows.

Total votes: 47
Black and Blue

An African American police office is killed in the line of duty leaving his son angry and his father detached.

Total votes: 18

When a young woman is drawn to a night out at the club, the evening takes a turn for the worse as her night begins to mirror the beats of an impending panic

Total votes: 23
When Demons Die

After the mysterious disappearance of his father Aaron, 8-year old Joshua decides to leave his home for the very first time even though dark creatures are lu

Total votes: 18
Transformation: Art Peace Imagine in India

Peace, Love, - and Art - produce a beautiful palette in any situation, but make for an especially poignant one when brought to a school for girls in a poor v

Total votes: 17
Maju Terus! / Go For It!

Moluccas exiles in The Netherlands have been labeled as failures.

Total votes: 158
Time is the Longest Distance

A bittersweet tale of an estranged son's journey to reconnect with his Alzheimer's-stricken father, and an unexpected meeting with a teenaged boy along the w

Total votes: 6
Broken Pines

Two young sisters are stuck on a camping trip with their constantly fighting parents.

Total votes: 20

A group of three friends at a prestigious prep school struggle to keep themselves together after their best friend's suicide all while struggling with their

Total votes: 17
Lilly's Secret

In Lilly's Secret, loneliness and alienation have been showed through social issues such as integration, equality between men and women, abortion. Lilly belo

Total votes: 21
Once I Will be child

Imagine clocks stop in time, happily amazed at that time when we were kids, that time of our lives where every second, every decision, every meeting becomes

Total votes: 54

The film is the first of the “Trilogy of ᴎ” where the main subjects are loneliness and alienation.

Total votes: 22

A psychological journey through trauma, violence, and the darkness within. Written and Directed by Sameer Dongre

Total votes: 53
Last Day in Paradise

An insecure young woman wrestles with her own self-doubt she tries to live up to the demands of those around her.

Total votes: 24

Mohammed is a cancer survivor that learned how to cook in the two years he was not allowed to eat due to his illness.

Total votes: 15
A Sense of Self - Growing Up in Five Points

This isn't your traditional documentary, this is what is called a Linear Ethnography. It is the cutting edge of Visual Anthropology.

Total votes: 23
Little West 12th Street

In Manhattan's West Village, a neighborhood bar and coffee shop bring together a group of diverse friends that deal with change , impotency, love, and authen

Total votes: 101
Gym Problems

What gym do YOU go to?

Total votes: 8
Bad Kids

When Rami, a bi-racial teenager whose future holds great promise, decides to invite his old friends Blood and Guts to his new neighbourhood in an effort to r

Total votes: 24
Little Blue Crosses

After discovering that she is pregnant, high school student Josie must find a way to tell her ultra-conservative, Catholic mother

Total votes: 11

During the preparation of her quinceañera, a young girl deals with the repercussions of a broken family.

Total votes: 67
In Mud and Rain

Life in its terrifying randomness.

Total votes: 10

On seeing a dead man.

Total votes: 19
Factory 91

Factory 91 takes place in a mythical suburb called Bellery.Twelve year-old Mary lives with her older sister, Katherine, and her catatonic Grandfather.

Total votes: 11

When chess and car buying mix, the better player always wins.

Total votes: 2
Pride and Fury

Pride and Fury tells the tragic story of an American Army veteran who returns from Afghanistan tortured by pride and feelings of betrayal.

Total votes: 53

A spineless guy with a crippling fear of commitment starts dating his insane and insectile roommate.

Total votes: 10
'One Word'

'One word' Is a film about how art helps a student express himself to his peers in a unique way.

Total votes: 86

On holiday in France, fifteen-year old Eleanor falls madly for an older family friend.

Total votes: 15
Turtle Love

Inspired by artists who land dates through their craft, a nerdy hipster tries to do the same even if it means changing who he is.

Total votes: 11
Just Like Us

This documentary explores Camp Tatiyee and the importance of empowering those living with special needs.

Total votes: 24
How to Make Money on Youtube

Brothers Kyle and Zach decide to make a cheesy zombie/vampire flick. But when they look at their footage there's a dead body in the background.

Total votes: 11

A troubled man begins to a hear a mysterious voice and he must either sift through the lies to find the truth, or believe the lies and perish.

Total votes: 7
Fully Aquatic

The Florida Manatee, endangered for decades, may now be removed from the list, though questions remain about the long-term ramifications of this controversia

Total votes: 21
Retreat: Awaiting a Husband at War

A loyal wife awaits her husband's return from the war.

Total votes: 0
What's In A Name?

Opal comes of age while struggling with identity issues because she knows her feuding parents intentionally gave her the wrong last name.

Total votes: 13
War Crimes

A soon-to-be-father projects his anxieties on his nephew, who he suspects wants to kill his invalid father.

Total votes: 9
Hard Close

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard, to close the deal.

Total votes: 4
Mt. Molehill

In the late 1800s, a young girl traverses the rocky mountain wilderness to enact revenge upon the grizzly bear responsible for her fathers death.

Total votes: 23

A visual artist overcomes the pressures of social media through self-discovery and decides to capture everyday life to determine where beauty truly lies.

Total votes: 41
My Lover Never Came

An exploration of the stages of madness caused by an unrequited desire. A quest for love, identity and a connection.

Total votes: 148
Hyperloop Dreams

A deaf man lives his nightmare inside out.

Total votes: 17
Four Minutes

An unusual messenger tells a young woman she has four minutes to prepare for her death.

Total votes: 20


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