TURKEY FOOLS DAY (aka The Outcasts)

Turkey Fools Day (aka The Outcasts) is a psychedelic, animated tale of a hilarious ensemble of cohabitating, highly sensitive misfits (HSPs), who try to make

Total votes: 107

In a world, where everyone can defy gravity and fly at will, being stuck on the ground is no fun.

Total votes: 70
It's All About Me

Music Video for singer-songwriter, comedian and self proclaimed #SelfieKing Eytan Ribner, delivering his self obsessed inner world into a technicolor realit

Total votes: 99

'Kohtaro In Space Wonderland' is a SF adventure & fantasy movie. Creative energy has a passion that can change destiny.

Total votes: 166
I Witness

The square root of I is I

Total votes: 69
That Unusual Brick's hiding a hungry little something...

Total votes: 131
A conversation with Roosevelt

Script 'A conversation with Roosevelt'

Total votes: 354

In a city where curses are common, the sole survivor of a serial killer battles the memories of her imprisonment, the price of her freedom, and the ghosts he

Total votes: 126
The Lay of Lancaster

The origin story of an unshakable revolutionary in the fantasy European country of Marinova.

Total votes: 77
Silver and Cypress

In this surreal, animated look into the limits of the human condition, a group of fugitives find themselves thrust into the grey area between life and death,

Total votes: 148
Beyond the Glass

Beyond the Glass is a two-act dramatization of Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks.

Total votes: 164
A Day in a Life of an Angel at her Home in Space

A Day in a Life of an Angel at Her Home

Total votes: 24
Butoh Daemon

An entity dances in an infinite space, dissolving and reconfiguring from form to form.

Total votes: 770
Dark Nebula A 268

A view into deep space.

Total votes: 865
The Garden

A story of a girl who spent her early childhood in nature but then had to grow up in a big city…Days in the garden are full of joy, play, creativity and love

Total votes: 139
Billy Gill - Stars (Music Video)

Directing duo Sam and Jeremy's music video 'Stars' for songwriter-recording artist Billy Gill take the audience through mystical forrest, purgatory, Krishna

Total votes: 59

Between four thick and cold walls, in the shelter of the sun heat, Valentina is waiting for her brother Dino. They’re going to spend Easter together.

Total votes: 111
carton Moon

This film was born from the passion of one Japanese lady who wanted to create something in Alsace (France), the region she so dearly loved, that would remain

Total votes: 65
Ergo Sum

Ergo Sum challenges the modern conventions of the human psyche in a pseudo sci-fi setting, 'I think, therefore I am' - Renee Descartes.

Total votes: 63
The Venus of Lotus Hill

A young woman and a fisherman from a small village travel to a strange house both looking for the owner and answers but when he's nowhere to be found their p

Total votes: 244
The Blue Dot

Claire, a twenty something with a mysterious glowing dot on her cheek, must figure out how to hide her aberration when a group of friends crash her quiet nig

Total votes: 58
Harry's File

A comedy with dramatic elements, Harry's File is the story of an alienated, bitter man’s life that gets turned completely upside down when he is forced to re

Total votes: 75
New ProjectThe Beach, Fishes and Feet

A morning stroll in a Mexican Fishing Village, inspecting the fishes, turns into a look at feet on a very normal day.

Total votes: 74
From the Dust

A bitter fable about time, illusions and cruelty, inspired by traditional folk legends.

Total votes: 59

Mae would rather be a horse than go to school.

Total votes: 61

I actually wanted to talk more.The last ten seconds.What should we say to our loved ones before they disappear?

Total votes: 180

After a string of failed relationships, successful career woman Kate gets the chance via a magical Groupon to rekindle romance with the love of her life -- h

Total votes: 85

HUMAN is a silent film taking place in a world where people have a computer instead of a heart.

Total votes: 444
Story's Students

A middle-school teacher is faced with correcting a bogus presentation of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol given in her home by an uninvited character.

Total votes: 31

A distressed woman seeks solace in her dream world that propels her into constant motion on a transformative journey.

Total votes: 100
The Purple Orchid

The only choice of a woman with agoraphobia is to dive into 'The Killing Fields' to retrieve her cure.

Total votes: 239
Station Mythah

A futuristic fiction short film challenging one's imagination on parallel dimensions and multiverse!

Total votes: 63

Some of us like chocolate, some of us smoke. Some of us like to scald our tongues with pipping hot beverages, and some of us like to watch.

Total votes: 124
Nostradamus - Search for the Next Anti-Christ

Is the search finally over? Let me show you the clues

Total votes: 81
Factory 91

Factory 91 takes place in a mythical suburb called Bellery.Twelve year-old Mary lives with her older sister, Katherine, and her catatonic Grandfather.

Total votes: 49

CASEY from New Jersey invents a gravity drive!

Total votes: 45

A fish out of water story about Vargas, a Fil-Am's first trip to NYC

Total votes: 332

A week in the life of a writer. As told by the tumor in his head.

Total votes: 52
Arcade Girl

'Arcade Girl' is a surreal short film about a girl named Darcey who is obsessed with winning and is known to be the best arcade player.

Total votes: 124
Gilgamesh in Love

Long before the era of Donald Trump, deep in the mists of mythology and history, lived brash and egotistical leader.

Total votes: 188
Small Talk

Down the rabbit hole you'll meet the 'other' residents of Wonderland, where dinner is being served with a side of ism's.

Total votes: 284
Second Thoughts

Facing personal and professional crises, a young woman begins turning to her music-fueled daydreams to help cope with stress.

Total votes: 327
In Memory of Daniel Lee

Daniel is the last of his kind, a noble man. What awaits him for his noble deeds when he passes on? Is it good, or bad?

Total votes: 82

An ambitious young woman’s impressive dinner party gets derailed by an uninvited and otherworldly guest whose presence leads to a freakish, final course.

Total votes: 49
Catatonia of the Fairies

Katie lives with her sister and brother-in-law, but the seductive voice in her head tells her of a land with fauns and fairies, mermaids and unicorns.

Total votes: 53
Sludge Eater

A man tries to rid his troubled psyche of intrusive thoughts, but the Sludge Eater has other plans.

Total votes: 27
The Adventures of Weirdbeard The Pirate Part One

The story of 500 year old Weirdbeard the Pirate, who goes in search of himself, but instead finds himself beset by a peculiar array of perplexing characters.

Total votes: 74


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